The Town of Foxborough DOES NOT contract with any one specific Trash Hauling Company.  This allows each Property Owner to choose the Company that will fit their individual needs. 

However, all Trash Haulers must be licensed with the Board of Health.  Please refer to the list below for those companies currently licensed with us during the calendar year of 2020.

*2020 Licensed Trash Hauler List.pdf

*With the information available to us at the time the list was produced, every effort was made to assist residents in identifying those companies that may provide residential curbside pick up as opposed to those companies that provide dumpsters and/or roll-offs only.  If you are looking for a company that provides curbside trash pick up, we suggest beginning with the companies that are NOT identified as "Primarily Dumpsters/Roll-offs".  Please be aware that some companies have a strict "service radius" and may not offer curbside pick up in Foxborough.  We cannot recommend any one company, but we offer this list that allows you to "shop around".