About the site
  The town compost site is located on East Belcher Road. It is for residents and landscapers of the town only. Stickers are required and can be purchased at the compost site only. While the town owns the land, the site itself is run by Tree Tech. For more information, call them at the number below.

The compost site is currently closed for the season. It is expected to open on April 2.
Phone: (508) 543-5644
Hours: Monday-Saturday 7:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. 
Rules and Regulations

  1. Only grass, leaves, brush, bushes, and branches no larger than 4” in diameter allowed.
  2.  Leaves and grass MUST be separated from other materials and dumped in appropriate area.
  3. Bushes, brush, tree limbs and branches must be dumped in appropriate area after separating from leaves and grass. Stumps are not allowed. 
  4. See signs for appropriate spots to dump. 
  5. Dump material from plastic bags and dispose of bags in trash receptacle. DO NOT LEAVE PLASTIC BAGS IN DUMPING AREA. 
  6. Dispose of leaves in Bio-Bags in proper area. Bio-Bags can be composted. 
  7. NO landscape timbers, fence, or other manufactured wood products. 
  8. If you can nail it – It doesn’t belong here.
  9. NO trash or construction debris.

Where it is