The Keeping of Animals & Fowl within the Town of Foxborough            

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm thinking about moving to Foxborough and am interested in owning chickens.  What are your Town's requirements?

The Board of Health issues permits relative to "Animal Units".  For chickens, the animal unit is 10.  Therefore, you are allowed to have up to 9 chickens on your property without needing a permit from the Board of Health.  A property with 10 or more chickens, requires a permit. 

Additional "Animal Units" can be found in Definitions Section of the Board of Health's "Regulations Governing the Keeping of Animals and Fowl" .

My neighbor has a Rooster and it is crowing very early in the morning.  Are Roosters allowed in Foxborough?  He has a very small lot.

Roosters are allowed in the Town of Foxborough, however, are permitted only on parcels of land that are 2 acres or more (unless otherwise approved by the Board of Health).  Every effort should be made to minimize crowing between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

I am interested in owning some horses and other animals too!  Do I have enough land?

The number of animals allowed on a lot is dependent on the animal species, lot size (acres) and ultimately Board of Health approval.  These requirements can be found in Section 4 of the Board of Health's "Regulations Governing the Keeping of Animals and Fowl".

Those interested should also speak with the Inspections Department @ 508-543-1206 as it relates to Zoning and other restrictions associated with animal housing structures and property line setbacks.

How do I start the approval process?

1.  Complete the "Animal and Fowl License" application.
2.  Submit the $10.00 fee
3.  Receive Building Commissioner Approval
4.  Receive Conservation Officer Approval
5.  Provide a Plot Plan showing all required information as detailed in  Section 5 of the Board of Health's "Regulations Governing the Keeping of Animals and Fowl"
6.  Provide a Written Manure Plan
7.  Provide a Written Pest Management Plan

Once your application is approved, Board of Health approval through a public hearing is required.  Requirements associated with the approval meeting are as follows:

1.  A public hearing (Board of Health meeting date) will be provided to you.
2.  You will be required to inform your abutters of the public hearing date (see "abutter" definition for "who" is considered your abutter).  Returned certified mail green cards must be submitted to the Board of Health as proof of notification.
3.  A public hearing notice must be published in the local paper.  You will be informed of the final cost of this notice, which will be the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Once your application is approved by the Board of Health, you will be granted your permit.

After I get issued an Animal and Fowl permit, who inspects my property for compliance to the Board of Health Animal and Fowl regulations?

All inspections, including those as a result of a complaint, are conducted by the Town of Foxborough Animal Control Officer (ACO).  Our ACO can be contacted by calling the non-emergency police dispatch line (508-543-4343) and asking to speak to the ACO. 


The Keeping of Animals and Fowl (Town of Foxborough Board of Health)


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