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Becoming an MRC volunteer allows you to help your community prepare for disasters, public health emergencies or simply assist in public health community programs throughout the year.

Myth - I need to have a medical background to be eligible to volunteer.
Fact - NO, that's actually not true!  The medical reserve corp is always looking for BOTH medical AND non-medical persons to help out our communities.


So are you ready to learn more...or even better...sign up to be a volunteer?!  Visit the Bristol-Norfolk MRC website to get started!

Are you already a volunteer!
The Bristol-Norfolk MRC is asking all of its volunteers to step up during this National Preparedness Month and to do the following;

Please read, in part, the following message from Volunteer Coordinator, Linda Paolucci
************************************************************************************** It is time for all of us to step up our training and our ability to deal with any emergency that arises. We are all going to do this together, but socially distanced! 

With that in mind, we are asking all of our members to take 2 very short, basic, online trainings. Each training will take about 20 minutes.
1. Standard Precautions in the Ambulatory Care Setting: Safe Cough Practices: 

2. Standard Precautions in the Ambulatory Care Setting: Personal Protective Equipment and Safe Surfaces: 

Both courses are FREE through New England Public Health Training Center. Once you complete the simple test and evaluation you will get a certificate of completion for each course which you can download as a PDF. 
When completed, please email us a copy of your certificates at 
Regular mail also works! Attn: Deb Revelle, 
BNMRC, P.O. Box 1717, Plainville MA 02762

Remember when you originally signed up for BNMRC? Well, part of your application included a check-off form titled “Personal and Family Emergency Preparedness Plan”. Sound familiar yet? 

We need you to find your signed plan or go to the BNMRC site at and download a new copy of that form. 

In keeping with September as National Preparedness Month, we are asking you to add your own personal details to that plan. Make it specific and meaningful for you and your family. Drill down to specifics. Please go to for help and guidelines for this task. 

We are also planning to offer Zoom meetings on the last 2 Tuesdays of September to help you with any questions or issues you may have in finalizing your plan. The first one is scheduled for Tuesday September 22 at 7 PM. The second one will be on Tuesday September 29 at 1 PM. You just choose the date and time that best suits your schedule.
Once your detailed plan is completed, you will PRINT YOUR NAME and DATE IT and EMAIL A COPY to
Regular mail also works! Attn: Deb Revelle, 
BNMRC, P.O Box 1717, Plainville MA 02762

Stay safe and Thank You for all you do! 
Linda Paolucci 
Volunteer Coordinator, BNMRC