The purpose of this page is to provide Residents and Business Owners, information and resources, associated with the reopening.

We want to stress that ALL reopening information can be found on the State's reopening webpage.  For example, as a reminder, all businesses/industry sectors must comply with general all-business workplace safety standards, have a plan in place, and provide their attestation poster.  All of these "General Business Guidance" can be found on the State's reopening webpage, specifically here.  However, as the reopening continues, be mindful of sector-specific guidelines that must be followed.  As these become available, the State will list them here

Our intent with the information provided below is to provide resources that may be "a little more hidden" or "hard to find" on the State's website.  We also hope to provide resources from additional government entities.

For Business Owners:
Mold and Legionella Risk
A temporary shutdown or reduce operation in normal water use may increase the risk for mold and legionella growth.  During the reopening process, business owners should ensure their water/water distribution system inside their facility, is safe.  The CDC provides detailed information on how to minimize the risk of mold and Legionnaires' disease

Food Establishment Resources
The Health Department has established an entirely separate tab for Food Establishment Owners/Operators and can be found here.

General Restroom Cleaning Best Practices
This guidance came out of the "Outdoor Adult/Youth Sports and Summer Camp Guidance", but could be used as a resource for general restroom cleaning across all industry sectors.

For General Public

Outdoor Recreation
It's getting warmer out and there's a desire to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible these days.  Learn more of the specific safety standards expected of you, your family, and the operator of the outdoor space, as you venture out to the open spaces of Massachusetts.  Guidance for several outdoor related recreational activities can be found here.