DPW Director Roger Hill Retires Today
Posted on 01/03/2020
Happy Retirement Roger!


Foxborough DPW Director Roger Hill’s Retirement

Today, Foxborough bids a fond farewell to our DPW Director of 9 years, Roger Hill.  Roger ends his almost 60 year career of professional service having, in his own words, “I came for public works and I left leaving behind much more than that.” Roger “built a team of skilled and talented employees” while taking the highway, water, sewer, parks maintenance and fleet maintenance divisions and transforming them into a functioning Department of Public Works.  The results have been extraordinary.

There was some speculation when Roger started his career in Foxborough that due to his family living in Florida and he being near retirement age, that he would be a real "part timer" and that many projects would not come to fruition. Roger proved himself to be a highly dedicated employee. On many occasions you could find Roger in the field performing engineering work or inspections on working projects at all hours of the day.  Roger was a tremendous example to his employees as his work ethic was unmatched.  Not only did the first Foxborough Department of Public Works become a reality, it has flourished under Roger's leadership. 

Town Manager William Keegan acknowledges “Whether it’s been the comprehensive improvements to the Town’s water system, the building of the new regional sewer treatment plant (the MFN) in Norton, the repaving and improvement to nearly all of the Town's streets, the building of the new Public Works Administration Building and the new Salt Shed; or any number of major improvements to this Town, you will find Roger Hill’s fingerprints all over them.  His work has been associated with most of the major infrastructure improvements to this community and we owe him a debt of gratitude.” 
Assistant Town Manager Michael Johns affirms "In addition to leading efforts to consolidate the Highway, Water, Tree & Park, and Vehicle Maintenance Divisions under one DPW roof and greatly improving our road and water infrastructure systems, the legacy Roger leaves us here in the Town of Foxborough is a bright future with his mentee, Chris Gallagher. Chris, who once joined us as a quiet engineer from the Town of Westwood, was mentored to compete successfully at the national level in becoming our next DPW Director.  Through his leadership and dedication, there is no question that Roger Hill has left Foxborough in better condition than how he found it." 

Roger plans to move back to Florida where he will retire surrounded by many of his family members; including several grandchildren and great grandchildren. Roger Hill’s legacy is not only the numerous and impactful accomplishments in his time in Foxborough, but what he has done to ensure success for the future of the DPW and Town of Foxborough. As a grateful Town, we wish Roger nothing but continued success and a long and healthy retirement!