Food Allergy Information

Employee Food Allergy Poster

FDA Food Facts - Food Allergies

Food Allergy Awareness Training Vendors


Town of Foxborough sponsors a CPR course once every year in the Fall

Food Defense

Food Defense - Employee Information Poster

Food Defense - Recognize and React to Suspicious Behavior

Food Defense 101 (Brochure)


Recalls and Alerts

Residential Kitchens

Residential Kitchen Brochure (MA DPH)

Residential Kitchens Information Packet (Foxborough)

RESTAURANTS - Food Safety Resources

A Matter of Record

Emergency Action Plan-Food Establishments

Employee Health Agreement

FDA Oral Culture Learner Project (Multi-language Training Posters)

Food Safety A to Z Reference Guide

Mass Food Safety Education

Potential Hazards - Wire Grill Brushes (Food Safety News)

Temperature Logs Templates

CONSUMERS - Food Safety Resources

Dangers of Raw Milk (FDA Food Facts)

FDA Food Facts - Eating Outdoors

FDA Food Facts - Food and Water Safety During Power Outages

FDA Food Facts - Safe Food Handling

Food Safety for the Elderly

Raw (Unpasteurized) Milk (CDC Information)

Safe Cooking Temperatures for Food

Other Information

Bake Sale Application and Guidelines

Temporary Event - Top 10

  • All restaurants are required to have the food code on their premises.
  • Food Permit MUST be posted along with the Certified Food Protection Manager Certificate.
  • If the establishment has more than 25 seats then persons trained in Anti-Choking Procedures must be at the establishment at all times.